Welcome To Sacred Heart School!

Thank you for choosing our school. We view education as a partnership between the school, parents and the students. It is important that we all play our part in making this time a happy one for all the children and their families.
One way to ensure this is through quality communication. Discourse is the crucial aspect of ensuring student success. At Sacred Heart School we do this in a number of ways: through the student planners, through parent /teacher conferences, informal discussions, reports, the Parent-Student Handbook and through this website.
This website is to provide you with information regarding the school’s day-to-day routines that are relevant to your child. There is a lot of information here and I suggest you refer to it often for future information, inquiries and an important channel through which to keep current in your child’s learning at Sacred Heart School.

Principal, Mr. Bryan MacLean

Principal’s Message:

Welcome to our Sacred Heart School Website!

At Sacred Heart School we are proud of all that our school has to offer and the way in which we weave our faith and Catholic traditions throughout our day. On Our website you may find much of the information that helps connect your home, our parish community and our school family together.

Interested in joining or helping our school family, please do not hesitate to call me at our school at 250-563-5201 or sacredheart@cispg.ca
Here’s to a great school year ahead!

Principal of Sacred Heart School



Principal Mr. Bryan MacLean Educational Assistant Mrs. Kimberley Nielly
Kindergarten Ms. Nuala Power Educational Assistant Mrs. Lisa Brummund
Grade 1 Ms. Rebecca Gilbert  Educational Assistant Mrs. Vilma Craig
Grade 2 Mrs. Candice Royan Educational Assistant Mr. Leo Durau
Grade 3/4 Ms. Steffanie Becker Educational Assistant Ms. Carol Vadnais
Grade 4/5

Ms. Kimberley Stewart

Educational Assistant Mrs. Tina Muniz
Grade 5/6 Ms. Val Lucas Educational Assistant Ms. Julia Seibel
Grade 6 / 7 Ms. Colleen Ruddy Educational Assistant Ms. Hilda Boateng
Library /Music Mrs. Kyra Sienaert Educational Assistant Mrs. Matija Tiani
Computers/LA Mrs. Christine Murphy Custodian Mr. Gary Greensill
French Mme. Lorraine Conway Bookkeeper Mrs. Helen Pittet
School Secretary Mrs. Angela McDermid

Sacred Heart School offers a diverse staff. Members of staff come from many provinces of Canada as well as part of Europe. We have staff members from the provinces of Nova Scotia, Quebec, Alberta, British Columbia and Ireland! Collectively combined our teaching staff has over 75 years of experience! We bring many talents, skills and interests to our school, which support and enrich the diversity of our learning environment.

Our teacher aides are qualified Orton-Gillingham tutors. One of the teacher aides is also a qualified Multisensory Math tutor. We are fortunate to have such qualified support staff in our school.

Our school custodian is a former Sacred Heart School student. We are proud to have this historical link to our past and grateful he has returned to contribute to the school that he attended as a child.

Our School Librarian/Music Teacher possesses an Early Childhood Education Certificate which complements the Early Learning Program for 3 and 4-year olds currently offered on Monday afternoons. Collectively, Sacred Heart School is a great source of educational strengths which support exceptional learning experiences and foster success among our students.


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Our Mission

Honour the Inherent Goodness of each Student as a Child of God,
and to Cultivate their Physical, Artistic, Academic,
Emotional, Moral and Spiritual Growth using our Catholic teachings as our faith model.

Our Vision

Form Exceptional Leaders using Christ as our Model within the context of our Catholic Faith and Traditions.

Guiding Principles

  • Embrace a Spirit of Respect, Optimism, Acceptance and Belonging
  • Treasure our Catholic-Christian Identity, Principles of Faith and Values
  • Welcome all People of Diverse Beliefs, Cultures and Backgrounds
  • Provide a Safe and Secure Environment
  • Nurture the Discovery and Development of Individual Potential
  • Celebrate the Gifts and Talents of Everyone
  • Ensure Financial Sustainability
  • Treat all People with Dignity and Respect
  • Create and Celebrate our Spirit of Belonging as a School Family