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The First Alumni Mass was June 19th, 2009

Sacred Heart Spirit Song

(tune: Blowing in the Wind)

Oh where do we learn how to live properly?
Oh where do we learn how to pray?
And what shall we do that we may be true?
Oh what shall we do to be true?
Oh where do we learn to be Christian and good?
And live like Jesus wants us?

The answer my friend is in the spirit of our school,
The spirit of Sacred Heart School.

Oh where do we learn to respect and be just?
Where to be honest, sincere?
In work and in play, in study and in prayer,
And in heart and in mind we are one.
Oh where do we learn to be strong and brave
And learn how to win and to lose?


Oh where do we learn that the friends we have made
Are treasures that money can’t buy?
Oh where do learn to share what we know
With those who never have known?
Oh where do we learn to share our love,
The love that God shares with us?