Terry Fox Run Fundraising

Every year Sacred Heart School actively participates and fund raises for this charity under the leadership of Ms. C. Ruddy.  This is a history of the monies raised over the past 8 years. 

2018 $3,291.21 !!!
2017 $ 1,555
2016 $ 1,666.80
2015 $ 2,151.85
2014 $ 3,213.60
2013 $ 2,800
2012 $ 2,736.89
2011 $ 2,055.73
2010 $ 1, 870

We have raised over $21,000!!! in the last 8 years!! Thanks everyone for their fundraising efforts and participation!


A big Congratulations and Thank you to all the Sacred Heart School students who participated in this year’s Jump Rope for Heart. We were able to collect an astounding $1827.10 due to the hard work and effort by our Sacred Heart School students and staff. Thanks so much to Mr. Wey for heading this initiative.

World Wildlife Fund Canadian Edition Mentions Sacred Heart School!

Sacred Heart School has been mentioned in the World Wildlife Fund Canadian edition of the 2011 annual review.  Sacred Heart School was the recipient of the Green Community Grant.  Sacred Heart School used the funds to expand the existing school garden an add a water barrel and composters.  Another great example of the incredible achievements of our incredible school.  Thank you to Ms. Power for applying for this great grant!  Here is a link to the website.

Recycle My Cell Challenge

Sacred Heart School has been announced as the BC winner in the ‘Recycle My Cell Challenge’ Our Kindergarten Teacher Nuala Power gathered 50 pounds worth of cell phones. Well done Ms. Power! Another environmentally friendly endeavor at Sacred Heart School.

See the article on the My Prince George website – Prince George school wins recycling challenge

Sacred Heart Supporting NUDF

Sacred  Heart School students actively participate in supporting charities.  Sacred Heart School has supported the Terry Fox Foundation, Holy Childhood Association and the Northern Uganda Development Fund (NUDF).

In June 2008, Sacred  Heart School  donated $525.00 to the NUDF.  The NUDF is based in Prince George, BC and Kamdini  Parish in Uganda.  The purpose of NUDF is to improve the standard of living of the people by promoting locally sustainable clean and safe drinking water, farming practices as well as other areas of daily living. 

These are our donations over the years:

2008 $525 was used to repair a school well.  There were presently 1600 students at the school.

2009 $250 for well repair and a special tricycle for a special needs student.

2010 $202 for school photocopier, computer, printer and generator

2011 $284.35 for school well repair

2012 $380.05 for school supplies

2013 $465 for school supplies

2014 $440 for a solar panel and battery 

2015 $331 school supplies

2016 $435 for fixing Girl’s dormitory at Kamdini school

2017 $256 for school supplies

2018 $428 to repair the roof of the Primary Kamdini school

NUDF website is www.nudf.org